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well i finally found time to post!  well lets see here where to start...well as you know i do pma(my martial arts class) well my 2nd to last testing is going to be on ...wait for birthday! lovely i know! but i cant skip this one because  I'm  testing for my red/black belt....the belt before yr. black belt. if i skip this one i will test in Sept. and have to wait/train tell march to test for my yr. black belt. but i never can do he march testings because of spring break! then i would have to test in June! i hole nether  year! so I'm testing on my b-day. then training for my yr. black belt for 6 months then in Dec. i will test for my yr. black belt( black with a white stripe)crazy right?
tell me, is it strange for me and my bff (who lives in Longmont) have a lot of sleepovers but i barely have sleepovers with my other friends? i hope its not. me and my bff meg(or Megan or Meggie)  are having a sleepover tonight. and we just had one May 12th.
well i have to go get ready now. i will try to post more

love y'all (no i don't come from the south) 
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